Never Knows Best

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For the last few days I haven’t done much of anything, I started to draw a few times but maybe I’m just not in the right mindset yet. It’s been a long road of ups and downs, and the last few days I’ve felt a little queasy. I’m feeling a little better today, but I really ought to take the advice of a friend and get into some kind of routine, otherwise I fear this will just become the norm. I thought starting this blog as a first step as something to do would certainly help me start things off, so hopefully I can keep motivating myself.

Friday evening I watched all of FLCL, not that it was too hard as it’s only 6 episodes, but for some reason I had never watched it and felt it was time to rectify that. Overall I liked it, it was a bit zany for me at times but it was still a rather enjoyable for what it was. Though I think people give it too much hype, like they do Evangelion, both series are good in my book. I like short OVAs because I can watch them in one sitting and not feel like I have 3+ days to like 2 months ahead of me to finish it up. I was done with this in close to 3 hours, barring any breaks I took mid episode to do things around the house or whatnot. When I was finished it was a bit late, so I called it a night.

Then, Saturday evening I moved onto Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, which is silly and another easy to watch show. Sometimes when you’re not up for something deep, dark, and emotional, shows like this come along and really help mellow you out. I like to balance myself like that, as I just finished watching all of Revolutionary Girl Utena and it was really time for something light. It’s a little fanservicey at times but I think it’s pretty funny, I don’t slap my leg laughing at it like some people I know but it’s definitely not something that makes me facepalm every other minute from stupidity. If you like comedy that isn’t over the top zany, I think this one is pretty good. The girls all have some sort of problem, the super positive girl, the hikikomori girl, the stalker girl, the illegal immigrant… It’s your typical school anime but with a definite streak of dysfunctional.

As for the art front, I had an idea to get myself inspired a bit, but I’m not sure how well it’ll work out. I wanted to start-up playing one of the new Pokemon games, I figured I’d go with White Version because of the version exclusives, ( I love you Lilligant! <3 ) and what I wanted to do was draw a little comic to go along with my journey. A friend suggested to me instead of worrying about the story so much, maybe just draw little scenes and the like, instead of a whole comic which may be easier but I guess I’ll see about it when I get around to wanting to start-up a file. I’ve been on a bit of an anime binge lately so I haven’t picked up my DS much in the last 2 weeks or so.. I pick up so many things at once, but I’ve been trying to rectify that by going back and finishing things I left undone, I wonder how long I’ll hold out..

My next anime blog post most likely will be about something I’ve watched previously, I wanted to do one on Sailor Moon but I really need to refresh my memory so I think I’ll get started on the Manga and let that jog me, otherwise I’ve been big into Slayers since finishing Sailor Moon and I think as I continue that series I can also come up with some good ideas there, so let me know what you think.